About us

Founded 2010 by our parent company “TRB“ we quickly established the brand “TRB“ as a leading supplier of
high qualty spare parts for truck and trailers. Our luxurious service, thorough
commitment to quality and fast, reliable delivery has since become greatly valued by customers
through out the world.
Our parent company‘s decades of experience combined with us keeping our ears closely on the pulse of the
market has enabled us to optimize our product range and operating three points of sales, four warehouses
and one manufactory in Turkey as well as one sales and distribution oce in Germany, allows us to oer
exceptionally fast delivery and the level of service expected by professionals.
By tightly controlling all aspects of manufacturing and distribution as well as closely following technological
advances we are able to make exceptionally speedy and accurate deliveries to our customers, utilizing
advanced technologies such as MRP in manufacturing and ERP in warehouse management.
Customer demands and needs are eciently evaluated and professionally met using advanced
CRM systems and methods, establishing and maintaining close relationships with contractors and
Furthermore, we aim to make our service even faster and more e cient by opening our warehouses to
customers employing B2B strategies in 2015. Striving to always stay ahead, we will continue to take bold
and confident and constantly improve our services.

Quality Production <br>Understanding
Quality Production
Timely Delivery <br>Guarantee
Timely Delivery
Affordable Price <br>Policy
Affordable Price

Our vision is to grow with our employees, our suppliers and our customers; integrating with Turkey has become a built-in power with a voice in the international arena and also to rule law and moral law with an emphasis on profitability and productivity is to be a business environment and nature, considering R&D process that improve its own and its products.


Our mission is customer satisfaction without compromising the quality of products and services is to contribute positively to the forefront of keeping society and the environment. Furthermore it is to serve the goals with the achievements of the activities to a wider audience every day raising continues as a leading company that itself the aim is to its comperehensive.


Our Quality Policy

Serving in sales of auto spare parts, Osmanlı Otomotiv, adopt a view of being a leader incorporation via reliability and service quality at the sector. Basic quality policy of our company is developed by selling quality products based on trustworthy via focusing on customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is our priority target in our company’s quality policy. In this context, we work with a service approach which cares customer needs & orders from supplying to the last consumers. Therefore, we aim to meet customer’s needs and to solve customer’s claims & problems as soon as possible.

Our priorities;

  • To focus on customer satisfaction and to improve it
  • To work as a framework of law and regulations
  • To improve our quality policy with intended employees as a team work forever.
  • To keep going the connections between employees so as to lasting friendships as trustworthy and respects.



Trust, Technology

The role of information Technologies in the global competition has come to a point can not be discussed. In this context, our company continuous to follow very strict technological developments.

Our company is happy always better serve to its customers thanks to the ERP software that enlightens all business process from human resources to supply chain; from production to finance.

Osmanlı otomotiv dedicates to providing seervices to meet the needs of customers that is planning, applying, transporting, storing and controlling of any kind of product duty and information flow.


The System of Storage Managed by ERP

Uninterrupted and quality service means abundant product range in sector of trucks and spare parts. Our company maintains to keep going our product range with critical stock alert system by real time inventory controls to keep customer satisfaction in the extreme.

Our company succesfully carries on convassing, labeling, barcoding and packing processes that each one is controlled by our expert staff thanks to its technological infrastructure, the system of advanced storage and shelving.

Osmanlı Otomotiv is in the effort provide better services to our customers every time with internal education which performes with fast and true shipping policy according to market demand.


Quality Service, Smiles Every Time

Our company believes that the most important element of a sustainable commercial success is high levels of customer satisfaction. The secret of success in customer satisfaction is quality products and an effective after-sales policy. Therefore our company always acts with thinking structure of customer-oriented according to the quality and friendly service policy.

It is one of the most important principles for Osmanlı Otomotiv that the companies which cooperate with us are not only customer or suppliers, they are all of a partner for Osmanlı Otomotiv.


Unlimited Service To Numerous Countries

Our policy is a timely and safe delivery of the shipment to markets both domestic and abroad. Our distribution network is growing every day thanks to our customers. The delivery process is a delicate matter for products delivered to our customers adress are followed meticulously by our expert staff.